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Healthy protein bars

The Best Snack Bars

The large assortment of snack bars available makes choosing the best one a difficult decision. Make sure to check the nutrition label; some of them are made to replace meals and can contain 50 g of carbs and 25 g of sugar. An ideal snack bar should hold you off until dinner and should have…

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Rainbow heart of fruits and vegetables

Fruit with the Highest and Lowest Sugar

Although every fruit is healthy in it’s own way, certain varieties rank better than others depending on their sugar content. The naturally occurring sugar in these fruits is far better than added sugar, but if you’re keeping an eye on your sugar consumption it’s important to know the facts. Here are some examples in 1…

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Female Thai Boxer

Kick Start Your Full Body Transformation!

Kickboxing has taken off and quickly become a mainstream fitness trend. Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or just looking to shed a few pounds the benefits are immense. Combining martial arts with heart-pumping cardio burns calories fast. In fact, in just a one-hour session you can burn up to 650 calories! Not to mention the…

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Why You Should be Lifting Weights (talking to you, ladies)

Plenty of women go to the gym without stepping foot in the weight room. There exists an aversion based on the look of a dark room filled with grunting men who seem to know exactly what they are doing with all those weights. In addition, there is this idea that once you start lifting weights…

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The Difference Between Fruit Juice and Fruit Smoothies

If you think you can get your daily dose of fruit by sipping through a straw, make sure you know the difference between fruit juices and fruit smoothies. Even if they contain the same amount of fruit the smoothie will likely come out on top as the healthier option. The process of juicing involves the…

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Skip the Egg White Breakfast

Don’t think that making an omelet with just egg white sans egg yolk is the healthy way to eat your eggs. The debate over the nutritional value of eggs has been put to rest by multiple studies that demonstrated the heart-healthy benefits. It is true that egg yolks have high cholesterol content, but what has…

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You Are What You Drink

When watching your calories, it isn’t obvious the sneaky way beverages can skyrocket your daily calorie intake. A single glass of soda or juice can contain as much as 200 calories and 40 grams of sugar, which is higher than the suggested daily allowance for added sugar. With next to zero nutritional value, soda consumption…

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The Best Way to Eat Fruit!

Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth? This doesn’t mean you have to dig your fork into a piece of rich chocolate cake or a bowl of ice cream. Fruit is healthy option that can help satisfy your cravings. There are so many fun things you can do with fruit that makes eating a healthy dessert…

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Not All Meat Is Made Equal

Looking to fill up on protein after an intense workout? You don’t always have to reach for meat, but when you do make sure it’s the leanest. Turkey and Chicken breasts rank number one, with the highest protein and the lowest fat. If you are grilling up some hamburgers on the weekend, make sure to…

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Say Hello to Healthy Eating and Cheaper Food!

No need to steer clear of the canned food isle at the supermarket, especially when looking to save a few extra dollars. Canned fruits and vegetables are packed at the peak of ripeness providing the optimal amount of nutrients. Fresh tomatoes, can be harvested days before they become ripe, actually contain less lycopene than their…

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The Kids’ Drink That Ranks #1 For You!

After hours of debating with yourself on a Saturday afternoon, you’ve finally got the motivation to get outside and go for a run! Now to reward yourself, but don’t celebrate your efforts quite yet, you don’t want all that hard work to go to waste. Without the proper nutrients all those lunges and squats won’t…

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Burn More Calories In Less Time

With a busy schedule it’s often hard to find time to fit in a full workout…plus, who wants to spend one and a half hours on the elliptical if you can burn more calories in just twenty minutes. High-intensity interval training (HIT) involves revving up your heart rate over short bursts and then resting. According…

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Eat the Greenest Greens

Feeling lost in the produce section? Each season brings a new variety of fresh greens to your local supermarket, but the variety can be overwhelming, leaving you heading for the exit before you get a chance to buy any. Use this general tip – pick fresh vegetables dark green in color – like spinach, arugula,…

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Water pitcher with lemons and limes

Water Down the Bloat

The more water you drink, the less water you carry. Drinking water reduces bloat and can help you feel lighter in the hot summer months. Summertime means plenty of BBQ’s and parties, but before you know it you’ve eaten three hotdogs and one too many handfuls of chips. All that salt retains water in your…

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Fill Up With Fruit

Fill Up With Fruit

Ever find yourself overeating at meals? Sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger and consume more food than we need. Remember to drink water throughout the day and before meals to stay hydrated. According to a study, older adults who drank a full glass of water before meals consumed fewer calories. Filling up your stomach with…

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