Bariatric Surgery: How can you ensure you receive the safest care?

Today, bariatric surgery is considered the safest and most effective treatment to combat obesity and relieve many of its dangerous comorbidities. One determining factor in the evolution of Bariatric Surgery has been the Centers of Excellence program; originally conceived by the American Society for Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery and developed and managed by Surgical Review… Read More »

Congratulations King Lasik

  LMCW® is proud to announce the latest addition to our Membership of world renowned healthcare providers; King Lasik has just earned the distinction of becoming a part of Leading Medical Clinics of the World®, a trusted source of the highest quality medical practices and physicians in the world. King Lasik has secured its place amongst LMCW®’s network… Read More »

Medical Tourism – Traveling for Premium Healthcare

There are no borders when it comes to premium healthcare. While some patients seek out the nearest healthcare providers for a specific treatment, more and more patients are travelling to other parts of the world just to have access to some of the very best care for their condition. Case in point: CODET Vision Institute…. Read More »

LMCW®’s Geo Fence Exclusivity Zone

At Leading Medical Clinics of the World®, we believe in making it as easy as possible for our visitors to find the clinics that are right for them. That’s why our new website has a clean, easy to navigate new layout that provides an intuitive, friendly, and accessible user experience. Never deal with overwhelming directories… Read More »

3 Reasons Why Plastic Surgery Is the Perfect Complement to Healthy Diet and Exercise

At Leading Medical Clinics of the World® we are dedicated to helping you achieve the best health possible. For that reason, we like to periodically provide healthy living tips. We’ve been told all our lives that the cornerstones to a healthy body is a good diet and plenty of exercise; however, plastic surgery just might… Read More »

The Power of a Plaque – How the LMCW® Plaque Helps to Reinforce a Practice’s Image

How can patients tell whether they’re in a high-quality medical practice? Is it a calm, modern atmosphere? A friendly, professional staff? Their physician’s bedside manner? What about an impressive array of diplomas and certificates displayed on the wall? It’s most likely a combination of these things. Every member of Leading Medical Clinics of the World®Read More »